Waylan Daniel

Electric Automatic- Be My Battery

This is my first bonafide CD of original material. This is a good example of 90's indie rock ala Matador Records. The music was all performed by a duo consisting of a drummer and myself on Telecaster with a bass string on it, blasting through three amps. Seriously.

Electric Automaitc- Travelling Companion

Second Electric Automatic release. This should have been a solo record, since I actually played most of the instruments on it, (with the help of some talented friends.) 11 songs with an eclectic vary of sounds and styles. For now, the foundation of what will soon be "Waylan Daniel and The Bricks," lays here...

The God Damns- Thriller - CD

This is my rock band, ala The Stooges, The Sonics, AC-DC, New York Dolls, and The Damned.